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Proficiency Testing Scheme Provisional Scope * ID of PT Sample dispatch date
AdBlue (32% Urea solution) Tests from the ISO22241-1 profile and other tests. iis22G05 20 April 2022
Acetone Tests from the ASTM D329 profile and other tests. iis21C11 25 August 2021
Benzene Tests from the ASTM D2359 profile and other tests. iis22C03 2 February 2022
Caustic Soda Alkalinity, Density, Iron, Sodium Chlorate, Sodium Chloride and Sodium Sulfate (a high and low salt sample will be sent). iis22C07 24 August 2022
Cyclohexane Acid Wash Color, Appearance, Color Pt/Co, Density, Distillation, Freezing Point, Purity, Benzene, n-Hexane, Methylcyclohexane, Methylcyclopentane, Refractive Index and Sulfur. iis22C05 2 February 2022
Ethanol (Bio / Fuel grade) Acidity, Appearance, Copper, Density, Electrical Conductivity, Nonvolatile matter, Nitrogen, pHe, Phosphorus, Water (Coulometric and Volumetric), Purity and impurities, Inorganic Chloride, Sulfate and Sulfur. iis21C16 10 November 2021
iis22C11 9 November 2022
Ethanol (Food / Neutral grade) Density, Nonvolatile matter, Permanganate Time Test, pHe, Strength (%V/V and %M/M), Water, UV absorbance, Purity and impurities. iis21C17 10 November 2021
iis22C12 9 November 2022
Isopropanol (IPA) Acidity, Appearance, Inorganic Chloride, Color Pt/Co, Density, Distillation, Nonvolatile matter, Purity and impurities and Water. iis21C18 10 November 2021
Methanol The regular sample is for tests from the IMPCA profile and other tests. iis21C10 25 August 2021
iis22C06 24 August 2022
Methanol UV A separate sample for UV Absorbance only. iis21C10UV 25 August 2021
iis22C06UV 24 August 2022
Methyl metacrylate (MMA) Acidity, Appearance, Color Pt/Co, Density, Inhibitor, Water, Purity and Impurities. iis22C02 12 January 2022
Mono Ethylene glycol (MEG polyester grade) Acidity, Aldehydes, Appearance, Ash content, Inorganic Chloride, Color Pt/Co, Density, Diethylene Glycol, Distillation, Miscibility with water, Purity, Specific Gravity, Water, UV Transmittance and Iron. iis21C14 22 September 2021
iis22C10 21 September 2022
Mono Propylene glycol (MPG) Acidity, Appearance, Inorganic Chloride, Color Pt/Co, Density, Distillation, Iron, Purity, Dipropylene glycol, Specific Gravity and Water. iis21C15 22 September 2021
Styrene Tests from the ASTM D2827 profile and other tests. iis21C12 8 September 2021
iis22C08 7 September 2022
Toluene Tests from the ASTM D841 profile and other tests. iis22C04 2 February 2022
Vinyl Acetate Monomer (VAM) Tests from the ASTM D2190 profile and other tests. iis22C01 12 January 2022
Xylene (Ortho- / Para-) Tests from the ASTM D5136 and D5471 profile and other tests. iis22C09 7 September 2022
Xylenes (mixed-) Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, p-/o-/m-Xylenes, iso-Propylbenzene and sum C9+Aromatics and Non-aromatics. iis21C13 8 September 2021
* To see the actual scopes of all previous PTs, you may be interested to download the available PT reports from our webpage 'News and Reports'.
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