Institute for Interlaboratory Studies

Meet our staff

How responsibilities are divided:

Program co-ordinator Mr. Ronald Starink BSc., Responsible for daily operation & communication
PT specialists Mrs. Cynthia Nijssen-Wester, Mrs. Anita Oosterlaken-Buijs, Mr. Ronald Starink, Mrs. Anja Noordman-de Neef, Mr. Michel Meijer, Mrs. Aleksandra Lewinska
Technical co-ordinator Mrs. Annet Brouwer BSc., Responsible for sample preparation
Statistical expert Mrs. Anja Noordman-de Neef BSc., Statistician, responsible for statistical evaluations
Petroleum consultant Mr. Louis Sweere BSc., Refinery expert in Petroleum Products and testing Petroleum Fuels.,
Petrochemical consultant Mr. Marcel Audier BSc., Expert in petrochemicals and testing.
Consumer products consultant Mrs. Sanda Stefanovic MSc., Expert on Legal Guidelines for consumer products.
Scientific consultant Mr. Rob Visser Ph.D.
Sample dispatch and documentation Mr. Ronald Tabink MSc., Expert in Dangerous Good Shipping., E-status holder for air transport, by Dutch Authorities on Air Traffic
Invoicing and administration Ms. Suzan de Lange
Quality manager Mr. Marcel Geerdink MSc., Ph.D., Experienced quality manager of accredited ISO 17025 laboratory
General management Mrs. Anja Noordman-de Neef, BSc.





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