Trace Metals in Naphtha and Condensates

A scientific paper was presented on the analysis of metals in Condensates and Naphtha using ICP-MS.

At the Geoanalysis Symposium held in Vail, Colorado, June 1-5 (1997), S.D. Olson and S. Westerlund of RF - Rogaland Research in Stavanger Norway, presented a paper on the analysis by ICP-MS of traces of metals in condensate and naphtha. Dr. R.G. Visser from IIS acted as co-author.

The accuracy of the developed test method was evaluated for Hg and Pb in naphtha, by participation to the IIS naphtha round robin in May 1997.

ICP-MS complies with AAS.

Major conclusion of the study is that, at concentrations above 5 ppb, Meinhardt-Scott chamber ICP-MS performs well compared to GFAAS and cold vapour AAS.