Proficiency Test on Fuel Oil started

The report forms and letters of instruction can be downloaded here as Word document. To download a document, please click the right mouse button and choose the "save as" option.

Download the report forms for iis15F01 here: report form and the letter of instructions.

Download the report forms for iis15F01M here: report form and the letter of instructions.

Download the report forms for iis15F01Br here: report form and the letter of instructions.

Summary of this proficiency test:

On 14 January 2015 the proficiency test on Fuel Oil started with 215 participants from 75 different countries.

On that date, the samples were dispatched to the laboratories. Enclosed to the samples were the sample receipt form for the participants to return upon receipt and the safety data sheet (SDS).

The samples can be analyzed on: Acid Number, Ash Content, API Gravity,Conradson Carbon Residue, Calc. Carbon Arom. Index, Flash Point PMcc, Heat of Combustion, gross, Heat of Combustion, net, Kinematic viscosity @ 50°C, Kinematic viscosity @ 100°C, Micro Carbon Residue,Pour Point Lower, Pour Point Upper,Pour Point automated, Sediments by extraction, Potential total sediment, Accelerated total sediment, Total Sulphur Content, Nitrogen, Water by distillation,water and Sediment, Al, Ni, K, Si, Na, V, Distillation , Total Carbon, Total Hydrogen, Total Nitrogen, Density at 15°C,Ash Content, Asphaltenes, Fe, Ca, P, Zn , Sum Aluminium / Silicon and Bromine Number.

The deadline for reporting results is set on 13 February 2015. A laboratory that reports its test results after deadline will definitely not get direct feedback in case any of its results are suspect! So be in good time to get the most out of this proficiency test.

The test results can also be reported via our internet based "results reporting platform". A login and a password can be requested via email to