Proficiency Test on used Transformer Oil finished

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Download the report (iis14L30) (including Furanic Compounds iis14L06F) of this Proficiency Test on Transformer Oil

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Summary of this proficiency test:

On 09 February 2015, the proficiency test on used Transformer Oil iis14L30 was finished. It started on 5 November 2014 (see message Proficiency Test on used Transformer Oil, started on this website) when the samples were distributed.

In this international interlaboratory study 61 participants in 33 different countries have participated.

The samples were tested on : The samples can be analyzed on: Density @ 20°C, Di-electric dissipation Factor, Specific Resistance, Breakdown Voltage, Interfacial surface tension ,Flash Point, Kinematic Viscosity 40°C,  Water, Acid number (neutralization number), and Furanic Compounds.

The proficiency test report summarises per test, the test results, the analytical methods reported by the participants and the z-scores calculated for each participant are tabulated. Also, for each test, the calculated summary (e.g. mean, standard deviation and reproducibility) is given.

In the report also an evaluation of the test results is given. Problems encountered in the analyses are mentioned and - where possible - suggestions for quality improvement are formulated. For each test a comparison is made between the results of the group of participants and the requirements given by the relevant standard (e.g. ISO, DIN, ASTM).