Proficiency Test on Natural Gas started

The report forms can be downloaded (as Word document). To download the forms, please click the right mouse button and choose the "save as" option.

Download the report forms (iis11S01M) of this Proficiency Test on Natural Gas here: report form

Summary of this proficiency test:

On 6 April 2011 the proficiency test on Natural Gas started with 36 participants from 23 different countries.

On that date, the sample was dispatched to the laboratories. Enclosed to the sample was the instructions to the participants for this proficiency test, forms for the reporting of the analysis results and the material safety data sheet (MSDS).

The samples have to be analyzed on: Methane, Ethane, Propane, n-Butane, iso-Butane, Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen, Calculated parameters @ 25C and 101.325 KPa, Caloric Value (sup), Density, Relative Density, Wobbe index.

The deadline for reporting results is set on 6 May 2011. A laboratory that sends in results after deadline will definitely not get direct feedback in case any of its results are suspect! So be in good time to get the most out of this proficiency test.