The Institute provides a limited number of Reference Materials (RM). The below list shows the RM that are currently available.


ID-no. Type of Reference Material Certified values Unit amount
GO-121207 ultra low sulfur B5 diesel Mono Aromatics by IP 391 (in %M/M), Cloud Point, Density @ 15°C, Sulphur (9.96 ± 0.28 mg/kg), Water (in mg/kg) 100 ml
GO-131108 ultra low sulfur B7 diesel Poly-Aromatics by IP 391, Cloud Point (-3.15 ± 0.16 °C), CFPP (-13.58 ± 0.26 °C), Pour Point, Density, Sulphur (7.26 ± 0.12 mg/kg), Flash Point (62.6 ± 0.2 °C), Kinematic Viscosity @40°C, D86 distillation and Water (52.1 ± 1.7 mg/kg). 100 ml
DEC-121107 n-decane for Flash Point Flash Points near 50°C using methods IP170 / ISO13736, ASTM D56, D3828/IP303 & IP523/ISO3679 100 ml
JF-011097 Regular aviation kerosine (type Jet Fuel A1) Aromatics, Density @ 15°C, Freezing Point, Kin. viscosity, MSEP, Naphtalenes, Smoke Point, Sulphur, Distillation (i.b.p., 50% rec., f.b.p.) 250 ml
DSOX-041096 High purity o-xylene p-Xylene, m-Xylene, Ethylbenzene, Cumene, Styrene, Ethyltoluene, n-Propylbenzene 55 ml
LO-010698 Used lubricating oil/waste oil Wear metals: Al, Ba, Ca, Cr, Cu, Mg, P, Zn 10 ml
FO-240399 Methanol Micro Carbon Residue 20 ml
EtOH-180599 Ethanol Purity, Purity on db, Strength %V/V, Apparent Density @20°C, water 100 ml
MEG-160927 Mono Ethylene Glycol Acidity D1613, Aldehydes, Colour Pt/Co, Density at 20°C, D1078 distillation, Iron, Specific Gravity 20/20°C and Water. 250 ml
MEOH-110717 Methanol Colour Pt/Co, Density at 20°C, Specific Gravity 20/20°C, D1078 distillation, Benzene and Ethanol. 250 ml


NB.All prices are in Euro, excluding dispatch costs and excluding VAT

Reference Material and Certificate of Analysis, price in Euro per unit Certification reports, price in Euro per report*
1 - 3 units
4 - 7 units
> 7 units

NB. A certification report contains much more information than the certificate that is supplied together which each RM unit.

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Reference Material ID
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Numbers of RM reports ordered
ultra low sulfur B5 diesel GO-121207
ultra low sulfur B7 diesel GO-131108
n-decane for Flash Point DEC-121107
Regular aviation kerosine (type Jet Fuel A1) JF-011097
High purity o-xylene DSOX-041096
Used lubricating oil/waste oil LO-010698
Methanol FO-240399
Ethanol EtOH-180599
MEG MEG-160927
MEOH MEOH-110717


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